Our state-of-the-art facilities are located within our 8,000 SF office at The Presidents Way Education Center campus conveniently located just twelve miles East of Downtown Atlanta, 5 miles South of interstate 85 off Jimmy carter Blvd. Opened in 2018, these facilities can hold up to 25 students at a time and feature:  Three simulation stations providing Adult Male, Adult Female  with HiDef Delivery Simulation, Pediatric and multiple Task Stations. 

Adult Male Simulation

HAL S3201 is an Advanced Multipurpose Patient Simulator that offers “an array of physical and physiological features capable of simulating lifelike cases in nearly all clinical settings, including prehospital, ED, OR, ICU, PACU, and general nursing.” – Gaumard.com

Adult Female Simulator

Noelle S550 is a maternal and neonatal birthing simulator that is designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery. One of the most crucial objectives during labor and delivery is recognizing the potential risks that a mother and baby can encounter, and working with the simulation can help prepare care providers for many of the potential risks they may encounter.

CPR Skills Trainer

HAL  S315.600 skills trainer allows practice assessing breathing, performing quality CPR, delivering shock, and recognizing the return of spontaneous circulation, (ROSC) among other things.

Training Arms

S.M.A.S.H Advanced IV Training Arm is an extremely realistic device for training, teaching, and practice of technique. Participants can practice everything from drawing blood to practicing incisions and sutures.

Advanced Multipurpose Venous Training Arm has all the required features for IV, IM and Sub-Q training and practice.

Newborn Skills Trainer

Newborn Pedi S109 is designed to anatomically resemble a newborn child and provide advanced neonatal skills training. Participants can train skills such as intubation, ventilation, compressions, IV cannulations, and umbilical catheterization among many other things.

Emergency Wound Kit

Adult Emergency Wound Kit (WK100) can help in training exercises to simulate injuries or community disasters and allow participants to  realistically assess a situation and make decisions about the proper care, management, and transportation required for the injuries presented.