IMGCPrep Courses

The IMGC programs offer standardized clinical experiences for U.S. and international medical graduates and provides a personalized preparatory experience; we provide students with access to specialized equipment and trained educators who can guide you through each step of the process so you can  pass your exams including the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 Clinical Skills, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge, NAC, and/or MCCEE Examinations.

We provide a simulation lab that can hold up to 25 students with the goal being to make traditionally complex training regimens and facilities more affordable and accessible. Wherever you come from, we will standardize your knowledge and help prepare you for your exams in an on-demand, tailored approach to training; we will lead you to successful U.S. clinical experience and help you match and pass your boards. 

We offer several different class and program options to small student groups, institutions, and individuals for program offerings. Individuals are free to sign up for any of our available classes, student groups with 5 or more people and institutions are free to rent our facilities and/or time with our instructors.

Additionally, We offer a month-long USMLE Step2 that includes a curriculum with a clinical simulation program, Clinical skills and procedures program, OSCE training, and a BLS and ACLS course all combined into one course.

However, if you would only like to complete one portion of the training, and not the entire ACM course, institutions and/or groups of 5 or more people may rent out our facilities and/or time with our instructors to go over specific skills training such as individual courses in clinical simulation,  clinical skills and procedures, OSCE training, and/or BLS and ACLS courses. — If you are interested in any of the following courses, please contact us with the name of your institution or group, the number of students you would like to schedule, and several possible dates you are available to schedule the course for, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

“No MACD if you study in the Caribbean”

– Dr. Raj Poot, Facebook USMLE Step 1 Moderator