About IMGC

IMGC is a group of dedicated educators and academics with the vision and goal to impact medical education in the US. With the vast majority of US medical students in large debt guiding them towards sub-specialty practice in large metropolitan areas, a large swath of the country goes without proper, standard access to medical care. Our goal is to ramp up and improve the clinical skills of IMG and FMG students, who typically have reduced debt obligations and have the desire and ability to practice in rural and suburban areas. By improving clinical skills and patient-doctor interactions, we develop a confident physician that is capable and desirable to Residency programs.

Simulation Based Learning

Simulation can be classified as the bridge between classroom learning and real-life clinical experience. We use medical simulation to improve our students understanding of concepts in clinical situations. Learn more about our clinical simulation here

School Partners

Are you interested in getting your school connected with IMGC? We offer discounts and monthly course options to partnered schools and any student that helps develop a partnership connection to a university gets access to all IMGC courses for you and a buddy for free for one year.

Student Partners

Similar to the above, if you bring in 3 students that take an IMGC course concurrently with you, you’ll get the course at a 50% reduction and access to all IMGC courses at a 25% reduction.