Our Next ACM Course
is in October 2020

  • With the COVID 19 Pandemic, USMLE was forced to temporarily close all CS testing Centers
  • As a result, there is a back-log of students who will be required to take CS with the re-opening of test centers, anticipated for this fall
  • Many students who have been completing courses virtually, have not had the opportunity to hone their clinical skills on patients and will require practice not only for the skills sets but also SOAP note preparation.
  • IMGC is proud to announce an October preparatory course that will run for 4 consecutive weekends (Saturdays/Sundays) for 0900 – 1800 hrs.
  • Although no fixed date has been identified as to when CS testing will resume, the anticipation that scheduling will be oversubscribed and early prep and training are advised.
  • Classes will be held in accordance with State and Local laws with regards to social distancing, and mandatory mask-wearing will be required.
  • As this course will be limited in the number of participants, early registration is recommended.
  • The course will be taught and supervised by our Clinical Dean, prior to the outbreak of COVID 19, previous success on STEP 2 CS was 98% by course participants.

More information about our Step 2 & ACM (Advanced Clinical Medicine) courses can be found below. Register today.


Our USME Step 2 CS Complex PE program is a one month program that allows students to learn and practice patient encounters and clinical skills with simulated and standardized patients. Our facility has multiple hi-tech exam stations, and a fully equipped advanced simulation lab in order to simulate a true medical experience. This program is presented as an integral component in our curriculums.

This course instructs both the medico-mechanical and humanistic components of the clinical exam. We take a hands-on approach with multiple standardized patient encounters. Learners working with simulated patients are closely supervised one-on-one by MD preceptor during these simulated clinical encounters.

Post each encounter, our preceptor provides feedback to the learner on their communication, history taking, empathy, counseling, or physical examination skills. This provides an opportunity for the learner to refine their professional clinical skills, gain self-confidence, and earn the confidence of their patients. The facility is equipped with audio, video capture, and robust network resources for recording and analyzing the encounters. These recordings can be reviewed by students and our instructors with the goal of performance assessment and sequential improvement. 

Our Step 2 CS course is $3200/ 4 weeks.

Module 1. The Clinical Encounter: Lectures, Physical Examination and OSCE

Instructors: Sessions to be led by invited Specialists in their field(s). Neurosurgeon, Pulmonologist, Intensivists, Rheumatologist, Orthopedic surgeon, among others. Use of Standardized patients.

Intended Outcomes: Assessment and documentation of proper history taking and physical examination techniques qualifying the student for Step 2 CS success.

Module 2. Essential Radiology

Instructors: A radiology lecture series on CT, MRI, Chest, Abdominal X-rays interpretation by a Radiologist that will address current common student weaknesses. Lectures will be supported with discussions of case studies and real patient scenarios and slides.

Intended Outcomes: A complete radiology review prior to starting most clerkship(s).

Module 3. Advanced Clinical Skills training

Instructors: US Licensed and practicing physician(s) on: Suturing; Intravenous Therapy; Phlebotomy; Advanced airway /Intubation; Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery; Lumbar Puncture (Adult & Child); Central, femoral and other Lines; Scrub Lab/Aseptic Technique.

Intended Outcomes: Utilizing simulators students will learn and demonstrate the proper techniques for each of these advanced skills.

Module 4. ACLS and BLS certification

Instructors: Led by Instructors trained with the American Heart and Lung Association.

Intended Outcomes: Year 3 students require ACLS /BLS certification prior to beginning their clerkship.

The program provides its services under contract to medical schools, students, residents and fellows, as well as international practitioners seeking refined US practice protocol experience. Individuals as well as large groups are welcome to sign up for this course.

Dr. Don Penney

Dr. Don Penney, MD, MSC, FACEP., recipient of “Top Surgeons in America” award by Consumer Research Council of America for 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013. Dr. Penney serves as the Dean of Clinical Affairs at American University of Integrative Sciences and has been a leader in medical practice and education for many years. Dr. Penney is a recipient of the Prince Phillip Silver Medal from the University of Toronto for earning the second highest grade point average at Graduation.


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