US and Canadian Clinical Rotations

IMGCPrep provides quality, verified U.S. Clinical rotation clerkships to students across all realms of medical education. Whether you’re a U.S. Medical student, a Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG), or any form of International Medical Graduate (IMG) or student, IMGC has a clinical rotation that will fulfill your institution’s educational requirements. Our preceptors are screened prior to joining our network to ensure a strong and supportive learning environment and each one of our rotations provides hands on experience. We offer ACGME-approved sites, as well as a plethora of inpatient experiences at excellent regional hospitals. If your school doesn’t have a rotation you are interested in, IMGC most likely has a clinical rotation that fits your needs.

$499 Per Week Core Rotations | $400 Per Week Elective Rotations 

 *These are average prices. Some rotations may have additional fees, while others may cost less than listed. 

What you Receive

Recent Quality Clinical Experience with a Board-Certified MD

Completed Clinical Performance Evaluation

Potential Performance-based LOR from your Physician-educator

Credit towards your medical school clinical education

Guidance on OSHA and Blood Borne Pathogen Certification

Medical Liability insurance coverage

The MSc Finance (EG. Banking) deepens your understanding of banks and financial markets, and how they relate to performance. It will help you to advance your career in finance and policy.

What We Need From You

Letter of Enrollment from medical school (except graduates)

Health Records- Immunizations, Physical, Drug Screen, flu vaccine

USMLE Step 1 score report- if applicable


Criminal Background Check

ID or passport

Medical school diploma from basic sciences

Malpractice Insurance

Each student doing a rotation with us needs to have malpractice insurance and provide proof of insurance. While we recommend students utilize the insurance provided by their institution, malpractice insurance can be purchased through one of the below providers:

Clerkship Sites

*Locations are more extensive than listed below. Please contact us for more clerkship locations.

  • Ambulatory Medicine Elective: Hartford, Connecticut 4-12 Weeks  
  • Cardiology Elective: Atlanta, Georgia/Detroit, Michigan 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • Emergency Medicine Elective: Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia 4- 12 Weeks  
  • Endocrinology Elective: Washington, D.C 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • Family Medicine Core: Alexandria, Va/Washington, D.C/Chicago, Illinois/Atlanta, Georgia 4 – 12 Weeks
  • Gastroenterology Elective: Detroit, Michigan 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • Infectious Disease Elective: Flint, Michigan/Atlanta, Georgia/Washington, D.C 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • Internal Medicine Core: Atlanta, Georgia/Alexandria, Va/Washington, D.C/ Chicago, Illinois 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • Neurology Elective: Chicago, Illinois 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • OB/GYN Core: Chicago, Illinois/Warren, Michigan/Atlanta, Georgia 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • Pediatrics Core: Chicago, Illinois/Stamford, Connecticut/Atlanta, Georgia 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • PM&R Elective: Chicago, Illinois 4- 12 Weeks  
  • Psychiatry Core: Chicago, Illinois/Atlanta, Georgia 4 – 12 Weeks  
  • Pulmonology Elective: Washington, D.C 4- 12 Weeks  
  • Surgery Core: Washington, D.C/Chicago, Illinois/Atlanta, Georgia 4- 12 Weeks