Clinical Skills & Procedures

Our Step 2 Clinical Skills & Procedures Course is one of the many courses we offer that are designed to be dynamic and personalized. Our focus is to help students build on their medical knowledge, clinical skills, and bedside manner to create a complete physician package. We discuss every aspect of what a patient encounter will look like and what to expect in both real clinical practice and the Step 2 CS exam and Complex PE exam.

Clinical Review

We provide lecture notes and thoroughly go over how to take a complete history and physical, how to complete an excellent patient note (SOAP) and how to derive accurate differential diagnoses and relevant diagnostic studies. We provide expert guidance with our experienced instructors, who develop personalized teaching points to assist students along with providing customized feedback after the patient encounter.

Institutional Partnerships

Institutions or groups with 5 or more members may rent our facilities and/or professors. This course is available in both a 5 day of clinical immersion course and a 2-day weekend clinical boot camp. On top of everything else mentioned, students will complete either 12 or 6 clinical cases depending on the duration of the course they chose and will receive feedback from the instructors.

If you would like to book this course, please contact us​ with the name of your institution or group, if you would like to schedule the 5 day course or the 2 day weekend boot camp, the number of students you would like to schedule, and several possible dates you are available to schedule the course for, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our available dates and pricing information.